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IT with spirit

be BEYOND your expectations

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With our 'Spirit' we want to exceed your expectations...

We know that we will not achieve this goal in every aspect. However, we regularly succeed in surprising our customers and partners with a very good technical understanding, precise comprehension, reliability and speed.

Reporting successes to each other, discussing ideas in a creative environment, planning in detail and implementing projects on our own responsibility - this is the culture we call 'BE-X Spirit'.


This also includes briefly airing out our thoughts during joint or solitary breaks, enjoying regular - exciting - events and ensuring 24x7 operation of our customers' critical systems with the resulting fresh energy.

The modern headquarters in 1030 Vienna is our physical 'home base' and carefully selected tools are the basis for our digital collaboration with colleagues and customers.

In this constellation we are a

  • guarantor for stable IT operations and

  • your partner for a modern, digital environment

  • with the highest possible level of quality

  • and our local team servicing our customers

since 10 years.​

Our Director & Share Holders

Stefan Voit

Stefan Voit

Andreas Schlager

"Our company name is the motivation:

Based on standardized processes, strong collaboration with our customers, a helping hand for our colleagues and a lot of positive energy and fun, we move forward every day. In this way, we want to purposefully exceed your expectations as well."

"The goal is above the contract. That is one of our main evidences. Our specialists have concentrated knowledge, provide proactive advice and have the right solution ready. We aim to deliver what we promise."

Andreas Schlager

Oskar Hajek

"We think through the eyes of the customer and look at their system landscape as if it were our own. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are also able to see the big picture and work out appropriate solutions."

Oskar Hajek

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