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Our journey

From a SAP basis specialist to a full IT service provider

We started with experienced SAP specialists and have steadily expanded our focus over the years. Today, we develop, build and operate IT landscapes regardless of their location and ensure the stable operation of the entire IT.
Our target group: All companies with SAP as their central data hub.

An architectural design for optimized operation.
Regardless of the location.

We design individual IT architectures based on standardized methods and thus provide you with ideas on how to combine your requirements with technical possibilities. Our goal is concepts that meet both your technical and commercial requirements in all phases of the service lifecycle.

You can either carry out the implementation and ongoing operation yourself, or we can handle the migration for you and operate your environments around the clock on the basis of professional project and service management.

Annually re-certified according to ISAE3402 Type II


"OnPremise is history. Long live the cloud!"

Call us "old-school": based on our experience, we are convinced that even in the future, certain IT applications will make (more) sense to be operated in customer-owned data centers.


We will gladly combine the components hardware / software / implementation / migration / remote operation individually for you.


In addition, we operate high-availability infrastructure (IaaS) and software applications (SaaS) for our customers in the two largest data centers in Austria, resulting in sound knowledge for the challenges of 24x7 operation of critical IT services. From housing to hosting to managed service, our data centers are at your disposal. Based on consumption-based billing, you only pay for what you actually use!


Numerous successfully completed migrations of SAP and non-SAP workloads to hyperscaler infrastructures and even in between have taught us to take advantage of these technologies in a targeted manner.


We are happy to combine individual components of all three performance parts for your optimized environment.

Our heartbeat SAP

We modernize and operate complex SAP landscapes in heterogeneous environments, our goal remains: Maximum availability, functionality and performance based on your individual technical and commercial requirements. 


We are proud of our team, which can draw on a wealth of experience from over 100 successfully completed SAP S/4HANA system conversions can fall back on.

The reliable operation of these systems around the clock including interfaces to (cloud) applications (e.g. SAP Analytics Cloud or countless non-SAP applications) is our daily incentive.


Knowledge is power - especially when it comes to knowing about the health of your SAP systems. This is exactly why BE-X developed a monitoring framework for the efficient monitoring of SAP systems more than 10 years ago. This framework is used for the 24x7 operation of "our" SAP landscapes and has been successfully implemented at numerous customers. You can use it to integrate SAP systems into your existing IT monitoring.

PS: Green instead of purple? A small tribute to one of our long-time employees (employee satisfaction > corporate identity).

Be-x Team

Authorizations, Compliance & Identities

As a central Austrian sales and implementation partner, SIVIS provides us with a powerful tool for the optimization and ongoing management of authorizations of your (SAP) users.

We help in three individually combinable ways:

1. Creation / optimization of an authorization concept

2. Introduction of SIVIS as a central tool for company-wide, audit-compliant authorization administration.

3. Takeover of the ongoing user and authorization administration.


From a pool of more than 20 SIVIS Managers, we jointly select the functions that meet your requirements, which you can use flexibly as Software as a Service. Security is our top priority; the connection to your target systems is always encrypted.


You are migrating to SAP S/4HANA and are wondering what you have to do with your authorizations?

  • With SIVIS we analyze the actually used authorizations of your users automatically

  • Tool-supported, these are optimized and new authorizations are added for S/4HANA.

  • The result is an audit-compliant authorization system with efficient administration and optional user self-service
    (e.g. request for new authorizations via web)

IT application hosting

In addition to SAP, our customers use numerous other business-applications that communicate with each other via several interfaces.

We at BE-X take care of:

  • the creation of an architecture for IT applications based on your requirements (onPremise / Private Cloud / SaaS)

  • the hosting incl. 24x7 operation

  • the setup incl. ongoing monitoring of interfaces between all IT services

Anker 2

End User Services / Helpdesk

As a full-service IT provider, we ensure that IT services reach the IT user with the highest possible performance and efficiency.

This includes:

  • Setup & management of company networks

  • End User Services

  • Desktop Services

  • Mobile device management.

A central area of a full service IT provider is also the optimized support of the different target groups of our customers:

  • IT users report to our 1st level helpdesk, which ensures competent and rapid assistance.

  • IT administrators at our customers have direct access to our specialists from the infrastructure and SAP teams.

Our ticketing system forms the basis for audit-compliant ongoing operations.

Schnittsrellen & It Sicheheit

IT security

Protecting corporate data is a key concern for businesses today because your IT and especially SAP systems contain the company's most important data and intellectual property and therefore require special attention.


For many, especially mid-sized companies, it can be difficult to keep up with security changes. Over time, SAP security profiles, for example, can become confusing and pose a risk.

In addition to our services in the area of identity and authorization management, we also take on the following tasks:

  • the logging / monitoring of SAP security access

  • the maintenance of administrative accounts for operating systems and databases

  • the verification / maintenance of proper authorizations for administrators

  • the monitoring of your access.

In addition, together with a long-standing partner, we can check possible risks and security gaps externally through vulnerability scans and continuously improve your security.

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